Placement Training

Championing Excellence, Cultivating Careers, and Sculpting Futures

Welcome to our Placement Training Program, where we proudly unleash a legacy of excellence,

Placement training

Placements Day Commemorating Career Dreams That Became A Reality Through Placements At SRC

Creating Platforms for Career Development

Placements Day at SRC celebrates the realization of career aspirations through successful job placements. We are committed to creating dynamic platforms for career development that equip students with the necessary skills and experiences. Through comprehensive training, real-world exposure, and robust recruitment partnerships, we ensure that each student is well-prepared to embark on their professional journey with confidence.

Aptitude Training

Develop your problem-solving skills through our Aptitude Training program. Designed to enhance logical reasoning and analytical abilities, this training prepares you for various assessment tests and improves overall cognitive function, setting a strong foundation for any career path.

Communication Skills

Our Communication Skills training focuses on enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication techniques essential for professional success. Learn to articulate your thoughts clearly and effectively, engage in meaningful dialogues, and build stronger relationships in the workplace.

Interview Training

Gain confidence and master the art of interviews with our specialized training. Learn to navigate common interview questions, present yourself professionally, and communicate your strengths effectively to prospective employers. Our program includes mock interviews and feedback sessions to refine your technique.

Resume Building

Create compelling resumes with our Resume Building workshop. Learn how to highlight your skills and experiences attractively and effectively, tailor your resume to specific job applications, and understand what employers are looking for in potential candidates.

Placement Training at Ramu College

Empowering Futures: Placement Training at Ramu College

At Ramu College, our placement training program is designed to empower students, providing them with the tools and knowledge needed to secure successful futures. Our comprehensive approach ensures students are well-prepared for the job market with practical skills and real-world experience.

Key Features of our Placement Training Program

Expert-Led Workshops

Our workshops are conducted by industry experts who bring real-world experience and specialized knowledge to the classroom. These sessions cover various crucial topics, from technical skills to soft skills development, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared for career challenges.

Mock Interviews

Gain confidence and experience through our mock interview sessions. Conducted in a simulated environment that mirrors actual job interviews, these sessions provide feedback and strategies to improve your interview techniques, helping you to perform effectively in real-life scenarios.

Corporate Connections

Our strong network of corporate connections provides students with invaluable industry exposure and opportunities for networking. Through guest lectures, company visits, and real-time projects, students gain insights into the corporate world, enhancing their employability.

Internship Assistance

We offer dedicated support to help you secure internships that provide practical experience in your field of study. Our team assists with everything from application to interview preparation, ensuring you gain the professional exposure needed to advance your career.

Centers Of Career Excellence

Creating The Industry In The Academia

At our Centers of Career Excellence, we bridge the gap between academic theory and real-world industry needs. Our specialized programs in Computer Science, Defence, and Agri- biology are meticulously designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge essential for their chosen fields. By integrating hands-on learning experiences with comprehensive theoretical studies, we ensure that our students are not only ready to enter the workforce but excel in their careers. Explore how our commitment to practical education fosters innovation and drives success in every endeavor.

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