Explore Vibrant Campus Life at Ramu College

Where Every Moment
is a Chapter in Your
Success Story

At Ramu College, we believe that your journey through higher education is more than just attending classes – it’s a narrative, a succession of moments that shape your unique success story.


Cosmopolitan Campus with Vibrant Cultures, Multilateral Ideas & A Lot More

Experience life at SRC, your second home where diverse cultures blend seamlessly. Our campus buzzes with multilateral ideas, fostering a vibrant community where innovation meets tradition. Engage in unique educational and social experiences in an inclusive, dynamic environment that encourages both personal growth and academic excellence.


Celebrate your academic achievements in our state-of-the-art auditoriums, where we host annual convocations that bring together students from diverse backgrounds to honor their hard work and success.

Cultural & Cosmopolitan

Embrace a rich blend of cultural activities and global engagement on our cosmopolitan campus. Participate in international festivals, cultural nights, and seminars that foster a global perspective and inclusive environment.

Tech Invent & Events

Get involved in cutting-edge tech inventions and events. Our campus is a hub for innovation, hosting hackathons, guest lectures from industry leaders, and workshops that equip students with the skills to excel in the tech industry. 


Our campus is equipped with top-tier facilities designed to support and enrich the student experience. From state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories to extensive libraries and comfortable hostels, we provide a comprehensive environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and professional development. Accessible transportation options ensure an easy commute, while our robust mentor system guarantees personalized guidance, helping each student thrive in a vibrant, supportive community.

Clubs and Forums

Engage, explore, and excel in our diverse range of clubs and forums designed to enrich your campus experience. Whether you’re interested in honing specific skills, pursuing new interests, or enhancing your academic and professional journey, our clubs offer you the resources and community support to thrive. From health and wellness, and cultural activities, to professional development, find your niche and grow with us.

Health and Hygiene Club

Yoga and Meditation Club

Citizen Consumer Club

PG Orientation Club

Alumni Association

Women Empowerment Club

Fine Arts Club

Placement and Career


Discover a vibrant sports culture at SRC where excellence on the field is just as important as in the classroom. Engage in a variety of sports activities that cater to all skill levels, from intramural leagues to competitive collegiate teams. Our facilities are designed to support your physical and athletic development, helping you achieve your best both personally and professionally. Explore our programs and become part of our thriving sports community.


Our college's NCC wing is affiliated with 6TN MED.COY.NCC, 112-A, ATT Colony Coimbatore and was inaugurated by Col. P.P. Singh VSM. Our NCC wing holds parades twice a week, typically scheduled from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM.


Our college's NSS units are active and vibrant, consisting of three groups with a total of 300 students. Volunteers engage in various activities, including blood donation drives, tree plantings, eye care camps, and campus clean-up initiatives.

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