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Mathematics department fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and advances understanding in quantitative disciplines.

PG Department of Mathematics with Computer Application

Welcome to our Postgraduate School of Mathematics, where our Master of Science program equips students with advanced analytical, problem-solving, and quantitative skills with real-world experience. Our curriculum integrates mathematics, computational techniques, and advanced commerce subjects, enabling students to apply these tools in diverse financial management, data interpretation, and business analytics scenarios.

Key subjects include advanced calculus, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, numerical methods, statistical analysis, financial mathematics, computational finance, operations research, and business analytics. Our dedicated and passionate faculty actively contribute to their fields through research and seminars, ensuring students receive the most up-to-date and high-quality knowledge. Graduates succeed in IT, software development, financial institutions, education, market research, operations research, data science, and business analytics, excelling in roles like algorithm creation, economic analysis, and quantitative modeling.

Join us to gain the skills and knowledge to impact industries significantly. We look forward to your unique contributions and to welcoming you to our program.

PG Department of Mathematics at SRC, established in 2004, offers an advanced M.Sc. program. Our esteemed faculty nurtures graduates with strong academic and professional skills. Our curriculum integrates advanced mathematics, computational techniques, and critical commerce subjects like financial mathematics, computational finance, and business analytics. This equips students to apply these tools in critical thinking and decision-making. We prioritize skill development, innovation, and international collaborations, enhancing our global educational impact. Our graduates excel in various sectors, ready to tackle real-world challenges with a solid foundation.



M.Sc Maths


2 Years


B.Sc Degree with Mathematics Major

Strength of the Department

An MSc in Mathematics opens up various career opportunities across multiple industries. Employers highly value the advanced analytical, problem-solving, and quantitative skills acquired during the program. Mathematicians with solid computational skills can work in IT and software development, creating algorithms, solving complex problems, and contributing to software applications. Many financial institutions, including banks, investment firms, and insurance companies, seek mathematicians for roles in economic analysis, risk assessment, and quantitative modeling. Depending on individual goals, they can contribute to education and training, Market Research, Operations Research, Data Science, and Analytics.

The department also boasts a vibrant student association that orchestrates various enriching activities like RAMFEST, competitions, and academic events, which foster community, skill enhancement, and professional networking. 

These activities, alongside guest lectures and workshops, offer students comprehensive development opportunities and exposure to notable mathematics professionals, enhancing their educational and career trajectories.

Job Opportunities

 M.Sc Mathematics students can pursue Ph.D., M.Phil. B.Ed., M.Ed., M.Tech. They can do research in IITs and Universities. They have a bright future in teaching career. There is a demand for doctorates in Mathematics in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization), NAL (National Aeronautical Ltd), Indian as well as foreign universities. They can easily get through the exams conducted by CSIR – NET, TIFR, NBHM, TET/SET, UPSC, SSC, Banking Services Recruitment Board, Railway Recruitment Board and LIC. They can join Defense Services (Air Force, Navy, Army), as Havildars (Education). UPSC has CSAT (Civil Service Aptitude Test) at Preliminary Level in the recruitment of IAS, IPS and allied ser-vices. Clearing CSAT is a cake walk for Mathematics students of STC. At STC, the students are highly encouraged to do research in their domain.

Private Sector Jobs

  • Investment Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • Meteorology
  • Teaching
  • Data Analysis/Data Science
  • Cryptography
  • Statistics
  • Aerospace Companies
  • Market Research Firms
  • IT Jobs.

Government Sector Jobs

  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Equity Quantitative Analysis
  • Interest Rate Trading Strategy
  • Statistical Programming
  • Quantitative Development
  • Treasury Management
  • Research and Accounting
  • UPSC, TNPSC, SSC, and more

Focused Exam Preparation:

We offer specialized training sessions specifically aimed at preparing students for the UGC-SET and NET exams. These sessions include intensive study plans, mock tests, and comprehensive reviews to ensure students are thoroughly prepared.

At Ramu College of Arts and Science, we are dedicated to fostering an environment of academic excellence and professional growth. Our specialized training for UGC-SET and NET examinations is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to achieve their career goals.

future plan of the Department

The Postgraduate Department of Mathematics at SRC is committed to enhancing its curriculum to reflect the latest advancements in mathematical theory and application. Our focus is on continuous curriculum development to meet emerging challenges and opportunities in the field. We will provide ample professional development opportunities through workshops, seminars, and industry collaborations to sharpen practical skills. Additionally, we plan to integrate cutting-edge technology and software into our teaching methods, preparing students for sophisticated roles in analytics, data science, and beyond, ensuring they are equipped for the demands of modern mathematical professions.



Sree Ramu College,
N M Sungam, Valparai, Main Road, Thensangampalayam, Tamil Nadu 642007

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+91 93619 40850 , +91 88702 26476 +91 99429 05589

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