For every twenty-five students, a dedicated mentor is assigned to oversee their academic and extracurricular activities meticulously. This mentorship system fosters strong relationships between faculty and students, providing personalized support to address educational challenges and enhance student learning outcomes.


SRC is committed to facilitating the prompt allocation of all government scholarships to students, particularly SC/ST students. Managed by the RVS Trust, the college offers scholarships covering up to 50% of tuition for deserving students, physically challenged individuals, refugees, economically disadvantaged students, and athletes at district, state, and university levels.


At SRC, we understand the importance of English language mastery for academic success and career readiness. That's why our Language Lab is fully equipped to enhance language skills through comprehensive training exercises. It focuses on improving fluency and provides tailored coaching in group discussions and personality development, preparing students not just for academic success, but also for professional and personal growth. We want our students to feel confident and prepared for their journey ahead.

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B.Com / B.Com (CA) / BBA / B.Com (CS) / B.Com (PA) / B.Sc (Comp.Sci) B.Sc (Maths CA) / B.Sc (MM&WT) / B.Sc (Hardware Systems and Networking) B.Sc (IT) / B.A (Defence Studies) / B.Sc (Agri Biology) Name:

PG Application Form for Admission in to

M.com / Msc (Math) / Msc (CS) MA (Defence Studies)