The College is very keen in developing sports and games and provide facilities to play Cricket, Kabbadi, Volleyball, ball badminton, shuttle, basket ball and Kho-kho, by providing separate play ground for each game. Facilities for playing indoor games like chess, carom and table tennis are also available in our campus.


  • 50% concession in fees for University and state level players.
  • Special coaching for teams and selected players by experts
  • Inter departmental matches to improve the sports skills


  • S. Kamal Raj, received third place in weight & power lifting competition conducted by Bharathiar University in the year 2008-09.
  • R. Anandha Krishnan received first place in Weight & power lifting conducted by Bharathiar University in the year 2010.
  • M. Vijaya Sankar stood first in Best Physique competition in the year 2010, conducted by Bharathiar University.