Department of Language

Overview Special Features

Language alone teaches a child to reach the Mother, Father, Guru and God. Having realized the importance of language for pursuing technical and research excellence the college pays special attention to teaching of languages. Mastery over language makes one not only a good scholar but also an excellent professional fit to play any role in the society.

The college offers Tamil/French/Hindi/Malayalam under part I and English under part II to all UG first year students. Language helps a man to roam freely on all Technical, Research and Entertainment fields. Proficiency in the language helps the student to participate in social and professional life, and stand in the forefront.

  • The department develops the LSRW skills of the students.
  • The department motivates the students to attain fluency and communicative skills.
  • Remedial classes are conducted for the weak students to improve their academic skills.
  • The programmes organized through “Heart Out” help the students to participate in group discussions and interviews, thereby develop their soft skills.
  • “ Pechukalai mandram” develops the oratory skills of the students in Tamil
  • The department organizes Indo – Bhutan and Sri Lankan cultural fest.
  • The department conducts various essay writing and poetry writing competitions to develop the linguistic skills of the students.
  • To uplift the students from rural area, the department offers add-on courses in various disciplines.
  • The department encourages the students to participate in debates conducted by Tamil TV channels.