Department of Commerce (CA)

Overview Features Plans Objective Specific Outcomes

Commerce Computer Applications Programme is designed to impart knowledge on the concepts of both Commerce and Computer Programming. The course bridging commerce and computer applications helps them to become smart and employable. Programme Outcomes.

  • To help the students to improve their skills and knowledge.
  • Motivate the students to get employment opportunities.
  • To produce Rank Holders and 100% result
  • To increase the number of overseas students.
  • Graduates will acquire knowledge on Commerce and commerce based computer application courses and develops an attitude for lifelong learning.
  • Graduates can develop computer applications to business enterprises.

Gain core competency and prepare financial statements of a business in digitalized and modern environment.

Acquire skills to work as tax consultant, audit assistant and other financial supporting services and have choices to pursue professional courses and higher education.

Preparing students to act ethically and socially responsible Commerce Graduates with technological knowledge.